What is Knurture?

Knurture is a jelly doughnut. On the outside, we do sweet work improving user adoption and engagement for product teams. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes — ranging from KISSmetrics to LabCorp.

On the inside, we are artisans handcrafting jaw dropping interfaces that keep your customers coming back for more.

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Why is Knurture Different?

We think like a product team.
Because we were a SaaS product team.

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Knurture Was Born From A Product Team

“It was back in June of 2008 that I answered a knock at my door and got the news from my co-founder that our startup [Unblab] was going to be acquired by AOL,” recalls Anthony Deloso, the future co-founder of Knurture. As CEO and lead product designer at Unblab, Anthony had helped create machine learning technology with a beautiful interface that helped users identify important emails. But as it turns out, Google was working on a little something too - Priority Inbox.

“I spent a lot of time creating something that eventually got killed by Gmail,” Anthony says. “So I was like — ‘What’s next?”

As it turns out, a whole lot.

Rather than accept a position at AOL, Anthony took the opportunity to do something he’d been dying to do for years: learn. But he didn’t go at it alone. He embarked upon a new adventure with Katie Page, Knurture’s other future co-founder. Anthony and Katie had developed a dynamic working relationship at Unblab, where Katie had flexed her prodigious user research muscles as a consultant. Along the way, both had begun to uncover their passion and their purpose: to redefine the future of work. After all, that’s what they’d set in motion at Unblab, and it’s what they would eventually go on to do on a much larger scale at their own company.

To stay close to what they loved, Anthony and Katie returned to work with the accelerator that had funded Unblab as limited partners and mentors. Anthony began giving talks on MVP testing, UX design, SaaS metrics, and conversion optimization. Meanwhile, Katie mentored companies on qualitative user research and how to write better value propositions. And in the process, they began to gain a reputation as the people to ask about optimization and research. Soon they were fielding requests from both the local startup scene and bigger B2B and SaaS companies who needed help with their current issues.

And so, in May of 2010, Knurture was born.

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