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Designing the go-to
intelligence platform for the 
world's top advertisers

Focusing on customer success helped us sharpen the product vision for a 5 year old SaaS application.

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Increased Upgrades

Adbeat's team measured an increase in the number of customers upgrading their subscription since launching the new interface.

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Increased MRR

Adbeat has seen a steady increase in monthly recurring revenue each month since launching the new interface in early 2015.

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Decreased Churn

The Adbeat team saw a decrease in customer churn since when they released the updated product interface.

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"We had a lot of feedback from our users about what they wished our app did, but that didn't tell us anything about the goals our users were trying to achieve and why."

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Two days into our first engagement, we watched an Adbeat customer use a lifelike simulation of a potential workflow. We immediately began to understand their goals and motivations.

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We improved customer happiness by understanding what helped Adbeat's users do their job more effectively.

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"Knurture was able to empathize and come up with the solution that was truly best for our customers. And as a bonus — it increased monthly recurring revenue."

Our team increased customer happiness and revenue by designing a solution that solved the customer's root problem.

Every two to three days, Adbeat's customers were asked to use a lifelike simulation of a potential product direction. 
We didn't just learn which new features Adbeat's customers said they wanted. We began to understand the goals their customers were trying to achieve and why.

This allowed us to design a solution that truly made Adbeat's customers more successful in their day-to-day job. A solution that they would pay more money to use.

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After our initial engagement, Adbeat asked
Knurture to increase customer success
throughout their entire application

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