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Coaching the KISSmetrics team 
on design sprints

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We coached the product, user research, sales and customer success teams on
Enterprise Design Sprints 

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4 week bootcamp

We worked with the KISSmetrics team for 4 weeks. We met every week to work through advanced design sprint techniques.

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Cross team coaching

We fostered team-wide collaboration by coaching people from project management, design, user research, sales and marketing.

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2 apprentices

We coached two members of KISSmetric's user research team on identifying customer motivations and behaviors.

Increasing team wide momentum by 2x to 5x

At Knurture, we don’t just design and develop interfaces. We also coach internal product teams on our tried and true practices for increasing momentum by 2x to 5x.

And so, when Hiten Shah, co-founder and interim CEO of KISSmetrics, asked us to train the KISSmetrics team on the ins and outs of design sprints (after getting to know our methods over the course of our previous work on the Crazy Egg interface), we were honored.

It was a surreal experience to be asked to coach a team who happens to have one of the best blogs out there on running a SaaS company.

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Bottom Line: What Were the Results?

Here are just a few of the great things that happened for the KISSMetrics team after our work together:

The entire team learned the basics of how to moderate a user research session.

The KISSmetrics internal team (product, sales and marketing) were all better able to communicate their thoughts, and then turn those thoughts into a testable hypothesis that could be shared with the research team.

KISSmetric's user researchers improved their skills. One got over her fear of running remote user research sessions, and learned how to do so effectively and efficiently. They learned more about which tools to use in which situations for the best results. And another researcher learned how to dig deeper to get to the insights that matter and move a project forward. 

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