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Knurture helps B2B product teams ship innovative, drool-worthy interfaces.

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We still don’t have plans to bring in in-house folks. We can rely on them.

Shawn Mims


Knurture looked at the idea of retention and retaining customers and repeat buyers as a whole concept across the user interface that we were building… retention is kind of baked into everything that you do.

Chris Humphries

Windsor Circle

I like that fact that they weren't focused on just making something pretty.

Nathaniel Talbott


A traditional design firm may understand the user interface or the design, they're not going to understand the underlying business metrics that you're trying to achieve. That's what set Knurture apart from the pack.

Ferol Vernon


The Retention First Approach

It's a common, but costly error. SaaS companies back-burner retention efforts in favor of new customer acquisition efforts. Yet, this decision can be a fatal mistake. Optimizing for customer acquisition before customer retention is like adding water to a leaky, boiling pot. Every single molecule is planning its escape route. Eventually, these kinds of SaaS companies evaporate.

In comparison, retention focused companies soak up evangelists, early adopters, and influencers. They learn from early customers and they iterate rapidly while costs are low and poor design decisions are easily forgotten. Conversely, their acquisition minded rivals are left with rising acquisition costs, snowballing support costs, and a high churn rate.

So if customer retention is so important, shouldn’t we be thinking differently about how we design and build SaaS products?

The Retention First™ Approach weaves customer retention into every aspect of a product. This goes far beyond great UX design. At Knurture, every interface is carefully crafted to display the product's value to your customer - encouraging renewals and upgrades.

Ultimately, customer loyalty is tied directly to a customer's perception of how valuable your service is. Each new interaction with your product should subtly reinforce and emphasize the value that the customer is receiving. The Retention First™ Approach ensures that every interface is designed to remind your customers why they should renew their contract, continue to pay for their subscription, or even pay more for your product.

Knurture is actively building a Retention First™ Pattern Library that we utilize in every client engagement. You should get in touch.

Further reading

We've seen an immediate improvement in signups

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Knurture knows that results matter. Watch this 131 second video to see how Knurture improved the quantity and quality of Spreedly's incoming leads.

They give you a head start in the challenges you face

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Knurture lives and breathes startups. Watch this 133 second video to see how Knurture's background helps their team deliver better results for startups.

We became smarter about the process of building UIs

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Knurture helps clients build better internal processes. Watch this 110 second video to see how Knurture helped Windsor Circle's team learn how to build a better UI.

We believed we needed a full time resource

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Knurture acts like an in-house resource. Watch this 132 second video to see why ServiceTrade abandoned their efforts to hire an in-house user experience team.

We were able to collapse months of work into weeks

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Knurture ships work quickly. Watch this 103 second video to see how Knurture's team was able to deliver a fresh perspective while finishing a project with weeks to spare.

They understand the underlying business metrics

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Knurture is full of numbers geeks. Watch this 83 second video to see how Knurture's team worked with ReverbNation to support their business objectives.

Value Driven Campaign Management

VigLink’s campaign management dashboard suffered from low engagement. Knurture made managing dozens of campaigns simple and delightful by showcasing the value of VigLink's affiliate link products.

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Visualizing Ad Analytics

95 percent of U.S. internet users have used ShareThis on over more than 2 million publisher sites. Our team completely reimagined the publisher focused ShareThis Ad Analytics platform.

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Buliding Business Connections

Proximic approached Knurture with a challenge. They had a tight timeline and a complex MVP to build. We designed and developed an interface that connected advertisers and publishers.

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Focusing On The Stats That Matter

Our team re-imagined the Windsor Circle user interface and marketing website. We focused on displaying data that reinforces the reason their customers purchased the app - to increase repeat purchases.

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Supporting Sales & Marketing

The power of Demandbase’s API based platform was difficult to display during a sales demo. We helped their team build out an application that directly supported their sales and marketing initiatives.

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Increasing Mobile App Adoption

ServiceTrade’s customers weren’t using the mobile app. Knurture drove adoption to the native iPhone & Android apps by simplifying their workflow and making the app easy to use while on the job.

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Crafting An Expert Flow

Optimal Social’s application is targeted at social media buyers who are experts at configuring advertising campaigns. We designed a setup flow that helped their expert customers breeze through the process.

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Desiging For The Field

Used by the top collegiate athletic teams, Teamworks needed to bring their web application to the field. They enlisted Knurture to design an iPad application that coaches and players could use on a daily basis.

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Turning Raw Data Into Valuable Insights

Streetlight Data needed an interface that took their powerful location data and translated it into value. They turned to Knurture to craft an interface that conveyed value to their retailer customer base.

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Designing A Confidence Boost

Combining beauty and value, Knurture designed a dashboard that continuously reminds SimpleRelevance’s customers why they should continue to be paying customers.

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Designing A Data Driven Dash

In the past, Spongecell’s agency clients were downloading data without a second glance at the dashboard. Our team focused on displaying trends and unique data for agencies to share with their customers.

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Simplifying Segment Creation

To get value from their software, Sociocast’s customers need to be able to easily create clusters of users. We designed and tested a cluster creation process that allowed non-developers to use their software.

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Our clients, partners and friends


Crafted the on-boarding process to increase activation.


Designed and devised a strategy for testing a new product line.


Designed an app that supports sales and marketing initiatives.

Revel Systems

Crafted a POS dashboard that highlights key value metrics.


Created a shared vision for a new reporting interface.

Streetlight Data

Designed an MVP that connects retailers to location data.


Designed an iPhone app for an on demand travel service.


Designed a unique experience for prioritizing an email inbox.


Exited a startup for integration into Project Phoenix.


Crafted a new feature set to improve long-term retention.


Provided UX and front-end support for client projects.


Designed a top secret advertising product.


Created a dashboard that focuses on the app’s value.

Thinking Maps

Crafted an interactive educational experience.

Triangle Startup Factory

Crafted a sign-up process to increase conversions.


Crafted a dashboard that supports sales and marketing.


Worked with the product team on a native Android project.


Designed a dashboard to help SMBs improve their website.


We didn't work on a top secret project with the design team.


Created a sign up flow that focused on driving quality leads.


Simplified segment creation process to improve retention.


Collaborated on the user experience of client projects.

Triangle Tech Talk

Partnered to design and launch a news site for RTP startups.


Created frictionless onboarding for a web RTC platform.

Archive Social

Designed the website and strategy for testing market fit.


Designed a gamified system for providing feedback to brands.


Optimized a high-stakes, complex sign-up process.

Service Trade

Designed and optimized web and native mobile application.


Crafted positioning and pricing to increase conversions.

Topsail Technologies

Created pitch prototype for informational software.


Prototyped and tested a new concept for consumer travel.

Windsor Circle

Designed a UI that reinforces their sales messaging.

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Chicago, IL
Durham, NC

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